STYR Personalized Nutrition System

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Thanks for joining us here at My Nutrition IQ. As a registered dietitian, I have devoted my professional (and a lot of my personal) life to helping people understand how the foods they eat and supplements they take impact their health.

Through My Nutrition IQ we share general (but actionable) information to help our audience make better decisions around sports nutrition and weight loss, while demystifying the science behind dietary supplements.

To get a more personalized nutrition experience, you can download the STYR app from your app store. In it, you can engage with our "How do I" engine, where my colleagues and I give you "3 good ideas" around the most popular health and nutrition questions people ask--like How do i lost weight? or How do i get in shape? And much, much more.

There are a ton of awesome features you can learn about in our videos, and you can fully immerse yourself by ordering one of our STYR 24 kits featuring our SHYFT wearable tracker, PHYSQ smart scale and LIQYD connected sport water bottle. The entire package is only $99.95, and they link & sync directly into your STYR app!


Get STYR 24 for $99.95!

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    Expertly designed for daily use with an intuitive touch-screen interface, long battery life and an array of sensors capturing your every move, reporting distance, steps, calories burned and active time.


    Designed to capture more than just your body weight, our all-glass wireless scales transmits your muscle mass, bone density, visceral fat, water content and more to our patent-pending app for analysis and personalized insights.


    Engineered to make hydration effortless and fun, our smart bottle not only captures the fluids as you consume them but also adjusts your water goals based on your activity, location or environmental changes